Basic Information

Quran Level 1 – Objectives

Year 2017

The objectives of this level are explained below. These objectives need to be accomplished first, before students move to the next level.

  1. There are four Quran booklets that can be used for this level to support teaching
  2. 1. Know how to join letters
  3. 2. Know the unique letters (letters that cannot be joined)
  4. 3. Students should be able to read up to 3 letter words with short vowels
  5. 4. Introduction to the 3 long vowels
  6. 5. Introduction to Sukoon

Sura Fateha

Sura Ikhlaas

Sura Falaq

Sura Naas

Sura Kawthar

Sura Nasr

Sura Masad

Sura Maun

Sura Qadr

Sura Asr

Sura Kaafiroon

Ayatul Kursi (2:255)


Sister Nafeesa Emami

Sister Amani AlHusseini

Sis Fateme Hashemi

Br Mohamed Reza Saidi