Our Beginnings

The Imam Husain Islamic Centre has, since its inception, had the objective of disseminating the teachings of Islam as taught by the Ahlul Bayt (as). It is our belief that, this dissemination must begin from the youngest age possible to ensure the shaping of the formative years of a child’s life in the teachings of Islam.

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A cumulative effort of 1000's of hours of work from 100's of people over the past years leading to a comprehensive Islamic education package for our chidren

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To ensure that students who attend and complete their Islamic studies are active, conscientious, driven belivers who are aware of their responsibilities to Allah (SWT), can read the Holy Q’uran and are able to matriculate easily into higher forms of Islamic education with ease.

In addition, this training will ensure the continued production of aware leaders to secure the future of the community.


1. To create model of an Islamic School for centres and communities around Australia to emulate (as we have a unique pool of expertise in every field of education within our community)

2. To INCREASE the Imaan of the Children so that they appreciate Allah(SWT) and the blessing of guidance

3. To ensure that the children of the community have a good foundation of essential, correct Islamic knowledge

4. To produce conscientious children, aware of their role as Muslims in a Western society, and what this requires of them

5. To cultivate leadership and community awareness in children and the youth

6. To ensure that students are able to critically think and analyse facts presented to them especially in relation to their beliefs, and to know where to find answers when needed

7. To introduce and encourage the ethical values taught and exemplified by the Prophets and Imams

8. In the end of the 10 year studies in Islam, students should be able to a. understand the basic principles of Islam, b. understand and know how to practice their faith with confidence, c. be able to interact with and understand the multitude of speakers that visit their community d. to motivate and inspire a new generation of youth (in other words, become teachers themselves) e. Pursue further studies in Islamic studies if they wish (eg. EHawza) f. Be active participating members of their community and society.

Meet Our Team

An incredible conglomeration of the brightest and most passionate people who wish to disseminate this beautiful faith in the best purest way possible!